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The Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics offer programs in undergraduate. In addition, an industrial perspective is provided in the classroom by adjunct professors who are practicing civil engineers.

The department of Applied Mechanics is the backbone of Civil Engineering Programme. It is an independently functioning department, dedicated to the specialized areas of Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering.The basic courses of Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of Solids are offered to the undergraduate students of all the branches of engineering. The subjects offered to the undergraduate students of Civil Engineering are, Structural Analysis, Structural Design, Geotechnical Engineering, electives in advanced course of analysis and design. The seminars and design projects in the relevant areas of applications to industry and research are the highlights of the department activity.


Concrete technology covers aspects of mixing and manufacturing concrete as well as using it for the safe construction of buildings.
The Laboratory contains equipment to carry out soil classification tests, compaction tests, permeability tests,direct shear tests, triaxial tests, unconfined compression tests, vane shear tests, and drop cone shear tests on soil samples.



Assistant Professor
Priyanka Patel

Miss. Priyanka Patel

Assistant Professor