Faculty Details

  • Designation : Associate Professor
  • Qualification : ME[Chemical]
  • Experience : 24 Years
  • Area Of Interest : Process Control, Reaction engineering


Peer Reviewed International Journal

1 Sheth B., Nath K., "Analysis of molar flux and current density in the electrodialytic separation of sulfuric acid from spent liquor using an anion exchange membrane", KJCE, Springer (In press), 2018

Other Publications

1 Chaudhary G., Sheth B.,  “ Cleaner production in vinyl sulphone industry”, J. Petroleum and Gas Exploration Research (ISSN 2276-6510), Vol. 2(8),  pp. 152-160, Sept. 2012

2 Patel S., Sheth B.,  “Reduction of pollution with green technology at source with sustainability development on calcium chloride effluent” at all India seminar on hazards in chemical industry, technology, prevention and remedies, Institute of Engineers, 6-7, March-2014

3 Raval S., Sheth B., “A review – Parameters effects on oil extraction form natural source by using supercritical fluid extraction”, J. IJFTET, special issue aszeotropie’14, vol. 1(02), pp. 68-74, 2014

4 Ajabia K., Sheth B., “A review—Energy efficient and economic separation of binary liquid mixture via freeze crystallization”, J. IJFTET, special issue aszeotropie’14, vol. 1(01), pp 31-34, 2014
5 Patel R., Sheth B., “Evaporative cooling of Water for indirect air cooling ", 3rd Afro - Asian International conference on Science, Engineering &Technology, G.E.C Bharuch, (ISBN) 9-780993-909238, pp. 266-269, 2015   

National Conference Papers

1 Chaudhary G., Sheth B., “Process Intensification In Vinyl Sulphone Industry”, TACEE 2012, BITS - PILANI, Jaipur,  Rajsthan, Paper ID P 332, ISBN – 978 – 93 – 81583 – 31 – 9, 2012

2 Chaudhary G., Sheth B., “Cleaner Production In Vinyl Sulphone  Industry”, L.D.Engineering College, Environmental Department, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.,  ISBN 978 – 93 – 80867 – 31-1, 2012

3 Patel P., Sheth B., “Studies on supercritical extraction of oil from grape pomace”, NCERTE-2016, VGEC, Chadkheda, pp. 872-877,April, 2016 

4 Saikia B., Sheth B. , “Tissue engineering and Bioreactor - A review”, NCERTE-2016, VGEC, Chadkheda, pp. 855-861, April, 2016 

5 Momin J., Sheth B., "Performance evaluation of membrane separation techniques to concentrate sulfuric acid" International conference at Paradigm shift in Chemical Engineering Education, Organised by Institute of Engineers, Sep., 2017

Short term training details

Technical trainings

  1. Computational methods for CAD, opti. and simulation in chemical and polymer engg., from 12/6/2000  to 1/7/2000 to org. by LDCE, Ahmedabad
  2. Testing of Rubber Raw materials     from 24/2/2003 to 28/2/2003, org. by LDCE, Ahmedabad
  3. Engg. Computations using MATLAB from 20/6/2005 to 24/6/2005, org. by LDCE,  Ahmedabad
  4. Computational fluid dynamic and heat transfer from 5/5/2008 to 9/5/2008, org. by LDCE, Ahmedabad
  5. Industrial training, from 26/5/2008 to 7/6/2008, Nirav dyes and chemical, GIDC, Vatva, Ahmedabad
  6. CAD-Detailed process synthesis-Algorithm methods from 17/1/2011 to 21/1/2011, org. by LDCE, Ahmedabad and sponsored by Co- Anchor inst. and industrial commission
  7. Optimization-Theory and engg. Practice from 7/12/2015 to 19/12/2015, org. by VGEC, Chandkheda
  8. Future trends in renewable energy sources from 12/12/2016 to 17/12/2016, org. by GTU in collaboration with Ele. engg. dept., VGEC, Chandkheda
  9. Energy  conservation through  process intensification, from 1/5/2017 to 5/5/2017, org. by LDCE, Ahmedabad.

Administrative trainings

  1. Nagarik Sarakshan from 21/10/2001 to 27/10/2001, org.  and sponsored by Gujarat state civil Defense unit
  2. Faculty Development for Inst. Reforms from 16/5/2007 to 19/5/2007, org. by    LDCE, Ahmedabad
  3. Training on Gender Issues from 23/7/2015 to 24/7/2015, org. by SPIPA, Gnagar



M.E. Chemical Engineering [Gujarat University]
LD college of engineering, Ahmedabad, India

B.E.  Chemical Engineering [Gujarat University]
LD college of engineering, Ahmedabad, India

Pursuing PhD under GTU

Workshop/Seminar/Expert Talk/Awards/Conferences

  • Workshop on Management of personal finances on 20/2/2005 org. by AMA, sponsored by CIIILP
  • Research fair 2011 from 13/5/2011 to 14/5/2011, org. by GTU, sponsored by GTU
  • Karmyogi training from 6/12/2013 to 8/12/2013, org. by VGEC, sponsored by CTE
  • Seminar on Women Empowerment on 30/1/2014, org. by VGEC sponsored by GUJCOST
  • Workshop on –Indigenous water, waste water & solid waste treatment technologies on 19/1/2015, org by GTU, sponsored by Dept. of Atomic energy, govt. of India

Teaching and industrial

20 years

Skill and knowledge

Heat exchanger network synthesis

Chemical Engineering

1 Chemical reaction engineering
2 Instrumentation and process control
3 Advance process control
4 Computer aided process synthesis
5 Membrane separation processes
6 Advance separation techniques
7 Advance process synthesis


1 Intentional students mentor
2 WDC, committee member
3 Department Internal exam coordinator
4 ChEA chapter, committee member

Research project


Indian patent filed


Professional institution membership

1 Life member of IIChE
2 Member of ISTE



Academic projects

One project under SSIP

1 Flexible water storage pot

Other PG and UG students projects